Scrubs Complete Collection Out Sept 28

There have been a ton of medical shows on TV such as House, Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, ER and Nip Tuck, but none have left us laughing so hard as Scrubs. The series has brought us eight great seasons with the original cast that included: Zach Braff, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, and Sarah Chalke as medical interns who eventually become doctors in Sacred Heart Hospital.

The series revolved around problems a doctor faces (including their own problems) where the characters struggled to have lives of their own. Romance plots involved wacky and crazy people who have their own faults and quirks.

For eight seasons, the series has made many memorable moments such as Carla and Turk getting married. Dr. Cox shows his love to his ex-wife. Eventually the series moved to ABC for Season 8 and was the last season the full team would be working together, since JD and most of the cast members were going their separate ways. After the finale of season 8, the show would be going into some changes in Season 9.

Season 9 changed the series from a hospital into a school as Sacred Heart Hospital was torn down and turned into a medical school. Now all the doctors are gone, and now are filled with teaching staff members and the only returning characters were Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and Ken Jenkin, with appearances by Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke. The series was eventually canceled as the viewers weren’t so pleased with the direction Scrubs went into, so season 9 episode 13 “Our Thanks” was the series finale.

I personally loved the original series of Scrubs and was sad to see it changed from Sacred Heart Hospital to a school. While Season 9 was fairly well written and the actors impressed me, it just didn’t have that edge I grew found of watching the original series. I sat in front of the TV every week to see what kind of trouble JD would be getting into and how Dr. Cox would ride JD.

So as the series has been over for 7 months, a full Scrubs collection is planned for release on the 28th, for $149.99 you receive all 9 seasons and tons of collectible extras great for any fans of the series.

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