This Christmas Get Your Kid His Very Own Mech!

The hell with Power Wheels! This Christmas, give your child something that has a little “umph” and hydraulic arms. From Sakakibara Kikai comes the Kid’s Walker, a mech robot that would make any kid a walking death machine.

The Kid’s Walker looks like something straight out of movies like Aliens and The Matrix. The Walker weighs nearly 400 pounds and stands over 5-feet tall! A video released by Sakakibara doesn’t show the arms moving, but from what I understand, they do in fact move. The Walker doesn’t really walk as much as it does roll, and it kind of shuffles its feet. The pedals are used to move the Mech and the controller joysticks are used to move the arms.

A Kid’s Walker will run a whopping $21,000! Even though it is highly priced, it seems like it can do something that could probably due more property damage than it’s worth. I’m not exactly sure if it is on sale or where you could even go to buy it, but I’ll let you know when I find out.

How excited would you be if you woke up and saw one of these on Christmas morning?

[youtube width=”600″ height=”422″][/youtube]

Sakakibara Kikai is also working on a new Mech that looks like it has a rail gun on it?!

Is that you Metal Gear?

Source: Gizmag

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