American Vampire Review

In this comic book, which was previously reported in Narvin’s post, vampires revert back to the days of vicious, hungry, and human blood drinking vampires. As it is now, the vampires we see are “non-human blood drinkers.” Thank GOD Stephen King stepped in and put an end to all that nonsense in this new comic series. There are two stories that are told throughout the series, with the first taking place in the Roaring 20’s era and the second in the Wild West Era. The story revolves around the notion of evolution within the vampire races, how one race views the other, and the struggle of power that happens in between. The main “stars” are Skinny Sweets and Pearl Jones. The story itself was very well written and it kept me hooked. There was never a dull moment when reading this book and it almost felt like an actual Stephen King novel. The drawing style is unique as it works well with the type of story that is told. And there is enough blood to know that these vampires don’t go for animal blood, unless you consider humans animals. Though this comic book was only 5 short issues the story will continue. As to which story, that you will have to read for yourself. I recommend that everyone goes out and buys either the singles or the hardcover edition, as they are worth it. Both of which are coming out this week.


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