Alfred Reveals the Secretiveness of Working with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale Pumps Up for Batman

It seems like more and more news keep popping up but it’s none of the real juicy stuff that fans are waiting for. In a recent interview with star Michael Cain, the actor revealed what it is like to work on such a high-profile project with Christopher Nolan.

“The first time when he asked me to do ‘Batman Begins’, I played a butler, he came to my house on a Sunday morning, he had the script. He went and said, ‘Can you read it now,’ so I read it and said, ‘It’s fantastic, I’ll do it’ so I went to put the script in my office and he said, ‘No, I want it back.”

“He waited until I finished reading, had a cup of tea with my missus and then took the script away again in case someone saw it.”

It’s no wonder that the 2 previous films were able to be kept under wraps and spoiler free. I think it is safe to say that it will be a while before we hear any of the really good stuff.

In related news, Bruce Wayne himself Christian Bale has recently gotten a trainer and dietitian to prepare for the role as Batman. The actor plans to be this time more fit than he has ever been before. One can only hope that the actor also decides to hire a vocal coach to get ride of that ridiculous voice he does for Batman.

Source: The National Ledger, Showbiz Spy

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