News About ID4 Sequels and Will Smith as the President

A while back the Independence Day director Roland Emmerich talked to MTV News about the two sequels he had in mind for his hit 1996 Sci-Fi film. That interview was not posted until recently and the interview reveals what the two films would be about and what is being considered for the titles. Roland Emmerich stated that the films would be called ID4-Ever: Part 1 and ID4-Ever: Part 2, definitely not the most original or interesting titles for a movie. The films are intended to be an “alternate reality” take on what would have happened 10 years after the first film.

“It’s an alternate reality kind of movie. We pick up the story, what would have happened after this kind of attack? Naturally, the alien technology has changed everything.”

Doesn’t sound like an alternate reality, more like what would have happened after the first movie. Somebody should explain to Roland what alternate reality means. The director also hinted at who would possibly be the head of state in the sequels.

“Who will be president, Or, who “Will” be president?”

The director is obviously making a reference to Will Smith, who also starred in Independence Day as Captain Steven Hiller.

Of course, no one has signed on to the project and the production has yet to be confirmed, but personally, I really see no reason for there to be sequels to the first film. Maybe it’s just me, but when I think of Independence Day sequels, I think of movies that were actually better off without them. The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, all great movies on their own that never needed to be turned into a franchise.

What do you think about the Independence Day sequels?

Source: MTV News

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