Gantz Live Action Film: New 90 Second Trailer

A new 90 second movie trailer has been released for the Gantz live action Japanese film.  The film is based on the on-going manga Gantz by Hiroya Oku which was adapted to anime in 2004.  Gantz revolves around the male character Kei Kurono, a high school kid who looks at the world negatively and hates adults.  One day Kei and his friend Masaru get into a fatal train accident.  Strangely, they are partially revived by a black sphere called Gantz and then forced to play a game to fully regain their lives.  The objective of the game is to hunt and kill aliens disguised in human society.  Players of the game get a cool perk: skin tight rubber suits that enhance their speed and power.  Not to mention some funky futuristic weapons.

Kei and Masaru aren’t playing the game alone.  They are joined by other people who have died in the real world and are consequently fighting for their lives as well.  One in particular is a young attractive girl named Kei Kishimoto (ironically the same first name as the main character) who was brought into the game after trying to commit suicide.  The three support each other throughout the game and at the same time deal with their personal problems.


Cast of main characters:
I recall watching the 2004 anime version (awesome opening theme by Rip Slyme).  It had a dark perspective that addressed the problems common in Japan’s society (suicide, loss of respect for adults).  The strange story is accompanied by bizarre aliens, action/gore, and nudity.  It was definitely adult oriented and the shock value kept me watching.  I’m interested to see the outcome of the live action film version.

The live action film is split into two parts. Part 1 hits Japan theaters on January 29, 2011 and Part 2 will follow later in 2011 (Date to be announced).

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