Interview with Composer Jesper Kyd on SyFy’s The Resistance Series

I’d like to introduce to you one of the top composers in the video game world, Jesper Kyd. He has composed music for the Hitman series, Assassin’s Creed series, and many other video games, movies, and TV programs. This upcoming October 4th on the SyFy Channel, his music can be heard in The Resistance Series. John Spartan of Nerd Reactor was able to catch the lovable redhead before the series premiered.

Nerd Reactor: How did you get involved in The Resistance Series?

Jesper Kyd: Adrian Picardi (director) is a fan of my Hitman scores and contacted me regarding The Resistance Series.

Are there any differences between working on a web series compared to working on a big-budgeted project?

I didn’t look at this as a web series. I went to see the shoot and it was clear to everyone involved that this series was created to be something truly special. I am not surprised to see it on SyFy channel and I think if people take the time to check it out they will not be disappointed. It truly is an awesome hour of cutting edge, gritty sci-fi.

Your musical style as a whole has that electronic ambient feel to it, and since this is a sci-fi project, did you feel like you were at your element?

This project is an action score. The action sequences and general flow of the series is very fast and intense. So there’s not a lot of room for ambient moods. There is a lot of story to tell and only 10 episodes / 1 hour, so it’s a fast-paced experience.

What theme did you use for The Resistance Series, and were you allowed a lot of freedom for creation?

There are themes for the Aurordecan Resistance Movement (ARM), Arclite, Syrus Primoris and Lana Strife. There is also a lot of music to support the action scenes.

Adrian is a director who knows what he wants. He really helped guide me to create the music style and the flow of the music and so the score was very much a collaboration.

What challenges did you face when creating the music for The Resistance Series?

We didn’t have much of a live budget and the music had to be written pretty fast.

Since you’ve been doing music for many years now, does your work become a lot easier and faster, like rabbits making babies?

I wish 🙂 Well, the thing is, I keep challenging myself and if I did a lot of similar projects it would probably become easier. But for my latest scores I worked in genres such as 1970’s inspired horror, sci-fi, 15th Century Renaissance, a documentary filmed in Cambodia, re-scoring the 1928 film classic of Joan of Arc and the desert wastelands of Borderlands. I don’t think it gets much more varied than that 🙂

Were you involved in the pre-Starz produced trailers for The Resistance Series?

I came onboard once Starz was involved.

Did you get a chance to see the whole cut of The Resistance Series?

Yes, it’s an amazing show. Spend the hour watching it and prepare to be blown away!

Now that you’re working on a TV web series, will you be doing more TV work, or is video game music still your preferred medium?

I have been working in film and TV for a while now and The Resistance Series is the first of my scores to debut on TV.

Other than being busy working on many projects, do you have any geeky guilty pleasures?

I love video games 🙂 Other guilty pleasures include looking for the strangest instruments (acoustic and electronic) on eBay and craigslist. I am always looking to play instrument in unusual ways – the way they were never meant to be played 🙂

Don’t forget to check out The Resistance Series on SyFy channel October 4th, Monday 8pm PST / 11pm EST.

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