Forget Twilight, Read Stephen King’s American Vampire

Stephen King is finally fed up with the “sweetie-vamp” movement/craze as he calls it. The master of horror is back, but not exactly in the way we’re used to. King has just finished his part in a 5 issue comic by Vertigo DC Comics called American Vampire. This story is the first time King has written an original comic book. The story follows an 1880’s western outlaw named Skinner Sweet, who is killed and becomes a vampire that goes on a violent and vengeful killing spree. But he is no ordinary vampire, as sunlight and crosses do not affect him, although full moons do weaken him. What’s interesting is that this story is sort of an origins story to the rest of the series. It connects with a story written by Scott Snyder that is about a woman living in 1920’s Hollywood, who gets caught up some vampires.

In an interview with, King stated that an audience will always want a bloodthirsty vampire; he had this to say in comparison to True Blood and Twilight, “And when I say bloodthirsty, I mean thirsty for your blood. I don’t mean necessarily a bottle of Tru Blood they get in a bar, or Edward and his family going out there and basically hunting caribou to suck their blood.” Thank you Steven King for coming back and sticking it to the Twitards! On a side note, King also stated that he has finished a first draft to his next book as well as working on a sequel to The Shining. The entire collection will be available in collectible hardcover editions.

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