Now You Can Own Your Very Own Batmobile!

Holy geeked-out ride Batman! Costume car manufacturer Fiberglass Freaks revealed today that the company will begin selling fully licensed Batmobiles from the hit 60’s TV show with Adam West.

Each replica is individually built and will take up to six months to be complete. Of course, the car only seats 2 people but each car comes with a Detect-a-Scope radar, a retractable ‘Bat Beam‘, a phone pedestal and Batphone, a fully functional ‘Rocket Exhaust’ flame thrower, and a certificate of authenticity.

The Batmobile will also include digital radio, a 7.0-inch LCD screen, a built-in DVD/CD player, and a bumpin’ deluxe six-speaker surround system with two amps and a subwoofer.

This fully decked out fanboys wet dream will run you a nice cold $149,999! That is a whole lot of recycled cans and bottles my friend. You could even trade in every game you have at Gamestop and would probably only have enough for one of the rims.

Source: Yahoo

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