Now You Can Have Your Own Iron Man Mark V Suitcase

Now you too can look like Tony Stark with this snazzy Mark V Suitcase that does nothing more than hold your divorce papers that you need to sign. This pricey replica comes from Entertainment Earth and has all the look and feel of the actual briefcase that was in Iron Man 2.

The replica is constructed from aluminum with a leather interior with custom laser cut foam that reads STARK. The outside of the case has an elaborate machined look, with brushed aluminum and is finished in red automative paint to provide a long lasting, gloss finish.

The case will run you a hefty $449.99. So you might want to think before you let your fandom get the best of you and you end up blowing your finical aid on a flashy suitcase that doesn’t do anything.

There are only 1,000 case for sell worldwide and the replica won’t be available till December, but you can pre-order from Entertainment Earth’s website.

Source: DVICE

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