Heard Around the Galaxy, and the Internet too: Star Wars Goes 3D in 2012!

Yup. George Lucas is at it again. This time he is re-re-re-releasing the entire Star Wars series in 3D. First were three, then there were the original three re-released. Then there were three more released. Now we have the honor, prestige, and oath to once again visual conceive all six re-released in 3D! Apparently the idea has been brewing ever since George Lucas was conceived. All jokes aside, the movie saga will be cool to catch in theater and in 3D. I am especially looking forward to catching Harrison Ford up close and in my face! As for the order of the release!? Part One, The Phantom Menace, will be first in line early 2012, followed by the rest.

We have reported more and more news about 3D television sets and technology slowly making a dent in the consumer retail world. George Lucas is no fool and also has seen the same trend. Take a look at this Economical stand point we posted up not long ago that gives an in depth idea of just how much money Star Wars has gobbled up. This will just add to his billions that we Nerds will gracefully hand him because lets face it; 3D + Star Wars = BADASS!

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