Exclusive First Look: ElecTRONica, Star Tours Renovation, & More at Disney Parks!

We have been bringing you news on ElecTRONica, Star Tours renovation, and Halloween events going on at the Disneyland Resort in California. I had the chance to make a quick stop at Disney’s California Adventure Park and Disneyland to see if I could snap a couple pictures of what is really going on, primarily with ElecTRONica and Star Tours. With the energy of a churro and a blended strawberry smoothie, I was able to get you all a glimpse into the world of what is to come!

TRON Stage at Sun Wheel Location in California Adventure Promenade

Looks like we should anticipate some sort of live action stage time and marketing scheme with this installment. The stage is designed with TRON light beam designs and has tiers of lights, speakers, and entry points. It is not big but defiantly big enough for a small production event to be ongoing throughout the season before the movie launch.

TRON Sign with Viral Mobile Phone Web/App Marketing Scheme

In an attempt to bring unsuspecting guests into the TRON world, Disney decided what better way to do so with some ingenuity and technology! Located all around the Hollywood back lot area of California Adventure are these signs posted up to give some kind of special sneak peak into what is to be expected in the upcoming months by using a scan app and the instructions pictured above.

High Power Projector Stage Towers

Along with those viral signs, stage towers are in place throughout the back lot area. These are host to high powered projectors, lights, and speakers. The projectors are being placed in the direction of the surrounding building walls. My two cents gives that these will display some pretty cool lasers, TRON inspired art images, or bring the buildings to life in a TRON type world.

Back Lot TRON Hub

This installment is centered directly in the middle of the Hollywood back lot area. It features light fixtures, projectors, speakers, and is a cubical structure which could reference a hub of sort where the main attraction of the ongoing event will happen.  It just so happens that the official Disney Park Blogs have just released today a new installment of the ElecTRONica event.  LASERMAN is appearing at ElecTRONica! Combining music, lights, and lasers, guest will be able to enjoy his talents in all that is TRON and LASERMAN! So maybe this is just where I thought this could be taking place.

Courtesy of Disney Blogs - LASERMAN

Courtesy of Disney Blogs - LAZERMAN

It was now time to head over to Disneyland where Halloween and Star Tours are really beginning to take off!

Entrance to Disneyland

The classic character heads are back at the entrance. It will bring every guest to the mood of the holidays and if that doesn’t get the blood going, maybe the gigantic Mickey Mouse pumpkin head located in the center of Main Street will!

What a smirk!

Of course merchandise for the holiday events is on the rise. I almost flew away when I was attacked by a horde of holiday balloons!!

Sea of balloons!

Balloons inside of balloons with lights!!

I moseyed my way over to where Star Tours is. It is all walled up with no entry or access points. Because I was in Disneyland and wishes always come true…I had some magical fairy dust opportunity and I gracefully got some of the first glimpses of Star Tours all torn up getting its makeover.

Star Tours under construction

Can't wait to be in line again!

A lot more was going on in the park. Classics are still in place. The great firework show, the return of the Haunted Mansion – Jack Skeletons Nightmare Before Christmas theme, and Space Mountains Ghost Galaxy are still knocking the boots off of guest.  Hope you enjoyed this exclusive and behind the scenes look at what the Walt Disney Company has in store for its original California location parks!

When we here about more news, we’ll let you know!

Check out some photos not seen in the gallery bellow. All in Hi-Def of course!!

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