Christopher Nolan Confirms He Will Direct Batman 3… Just Incase You Were Worried

The director recently sat down with Empire to talk about his upcoming comic book film that people can’t help but ask him about. Empire thought that it was a key opportunity to ask if he planned on returning for the third film. Really? There was never a point where I thought that he wouldn’t direct the film, but I guess it’s safe to be sure.

“I don’t know if it’s announced or if it’s not announced,” said Nolan. “It’s becoming inevitable, I’ll put it that way. I feel myself falling into it, I guess. And getting it all figured out and I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing so… If I haven’t announced it, I think that people probably all know at this point that I’m doing it.”

Hang on, that’s not 100% clear: so we can safely assume you’re directing?

“I think you can at this point, yes.”

Phew, glad we got that out of the way. Now on to more press questions like WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO BE THE VILLAIN?!

Source: Empire

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