Toshiba to Reveal a 3D TV with No Need for 3D Glasses

Toshiba has announced that it will showcase its newest bit of technology next week, which is a glasses-free 3D television that will revolutionize the way you watch TV and play games. With companies like Sony and Samsung leading the 3D revolution, it comes at a large cost.

A high quality Samsung 3D TV can run you around $2,000 dollars and over. It doesn’t seem too bad for a your high quality images and the ability to watch TV and games any time you want. The problem with that is you have to buy 3D glasses for each person in your house or guest(s) for everyone to enjoy this, and each pair of glasses cost more than $150 dollars; so it adds up.

Toshiba’s new TV will get rid of the need for the pesky glasses and give you the full 3D experience. With the news of the Nintendo 3DS, another item that projects 3D images without the need for glasses, we can only guess how Toshiba will revolutionize 3D TVs.

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