PS3 on Your Laptop/Desktop Computer? Possible!

Ever wonder how cool it would be to play your PS3 on your laptop or desktop? Well if you have a Sony Vaio computer/laptop like I do, you can. Sony released an update for your Vaio. But you will need Windows7 and Bluetooth on your desktop/laptop. If you meet those requirements, go here. This was released just a couple of days ago. I didn’t even know they were set to release it this soon. I’ve always heard about it coming out but never thought it would be this early. I found out about it when my Vaio kept telling me that I had an update to download and install, but I just kept ignoring it. Until today, I finally clicked on the bubble and lo and behold, an update for “Remote Keyboard with PlayStation 3” and “Remote Play with PlayStation 3.”

After downloading the update to my laptop and having to download another update for my PS3, Blu-ray 3D support, I played around with the controls of both systems. Some of you may say, “Jose, ‘Remote Play’ has always been a part of PS3. This is nothing new.” And you are right, but this time it is not on your PSP or your mobile phone; it is on your Vaio machine. And let me tell you, after playing with the controls on both “Remote Play” and “Remote Keyboard” both are great additions. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why are there two updates for one PS3?” Now that’s a really good question and I will answer that now.

First “Remote Play with PlayStation 3” is very similar to “Remote Play” with the PSP. You can control your PS3 via your desktop/laptop. You can watch movies, listen to music, browse your images, and play games. Note that not all games are compatible with “Remote Play.” When in this mode, your Vaio machine has full control of your PS3 and can do almost anything as if you were control the PS3 itself. As I said, some games will not play during this mode. And once you finish with “Remote Play” you can choose to close this window and leave the PS3 on or shut it down once you close the window.

The “Remote Keyboard” functionality gives you control over your PS3 but only uses the keyboard of your Vaio machine. This is where Bluetooth comes into play. The desktop/laptop will be paired with the PS3 through Bluetooth. Unfortunately, I have no screen shot of this, due to the fact that you see nothing on the desktop/laptop’s monitor. Any key presses made on your machine’s keyboard will be made on your PS3 as well. For example, going by the image above, if I were to press my keyboard’s left arrow twice, it would highlight Darth Vader, and if I were to hit “Enter,” then it would select Darth Vader. Or if I choose to press the right arrow instead of the left arrow and hit enter, it would take me into the PlayStation Network. If I were to hit “Esc” while in the PlayStation Network, it would leave the PlayStation Network. And if you want to leave “Remote Keyboard,” all you need to do is press “Esc” while in the main area or as pictured above. Pressing “Esc” will release the Bluetooth paring between machines.

I hope you had fun reading this article. I know I had fun writing it. And with BlizzCon in 4 weeks, please look forward to my coverage of BlizzCon in the upcoming weeks. By the way, who else is going to BlizzCon?

P.S. After playing around with the new updates, I decided to stop by Narvin’s (Nerd Reactor Editor) place to tell him all about this. He brought up a good question, “Was this the reason Sony removed Linux software?” My answer, “Maybe. Maybe not.” Personally I never used the Linux program in the PS3 but I know a co-worker and a few others that did. And they were angry when it was removed.

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