The Underdog of Smartphones – Mozilla Seabird

Mozilla, remember them?! Since the introduction of the Google Chrome web browser, Mozilla has seemingly taken the back drop of the limelight. This time Mozilla Labs is back with a bite. The concept of a new smartphone has shaped up to be something amazing. Dubbed an “Open Web Concept Phone” it truly exceeds all the smartphones on the market currently in production.

“The Mozilla Seabird, part of the Mozilla Labs’ Concept Series, is an experiment in how users might interact with their mobile content as devices and technology advances. Drawing on insights culled from the Mozilla community through the project’s blog, a focus quickly developed around frustrating physical interactions. While mobile CPUs, connectivity and development platforms begin approaching that of desktops, the lagging ability to efficiently input information has grown ever more pronounced.”

IR Touchpad Area is a concept to eliminate excess components and introduce advanced technology and innovative ideas for mobile computing/smartphone usage.

A projection would allow further IR concepts and the introduction of display out without AV components or adapter cables. Seamless and innovative!

I don’t think we will be seeing this anytime soon in the market but I do believe that in the next 15 years we will have phones doing just this or exceeding what Mozilla Labs have introduced with the Seabird.

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