Do Not Buy Those 3D TV Sets Yet! RealD to Create Cheap 3D TV Glasses for $1

So RealD has announced their new technology. The ability to watch 3D movies/games at home without the need of buying those damn expensive active-shutter 3D glasses currently out now. Instead, you can watch home theater 3D with glasses like the ones you use for watching Avatar at the IMAX theater. The RealD passive 3D TV glasses will be very cheap, less than a dollar, compared to the active-shutter 3D glasses that’s running around $130-$200. It will not require batteries and it will be very lightweight. Also, it will not be disrupted if somebody walks in front of you or if you look away from the 3D TV emitter.

The catch for these cheap, lightweight, 3D glasses is that you have to buy a passive 3D TV for it to be compatible. The current one available now are more than $6000 for a 46″ monitor. And these can only handle half the resolution of a Full HD 1080 HDTV set.

Nothing is known yet on the cost of these Full HD passive TVs, when these Full HD passive TVs will be out, or who will be making them.

Source: HD Guru

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