Awesome Trailer from India’s Sci-Fi Movie “ROBOT”

Ladies and gentlemen, James Brown is alive and well, and he lives through the body of Indian super star Rajni. The highest paid actor in India will star in, ironically the most expensive film India has ever made, Robot (Enthiran).

Robot is about a gifted scientist who constructs an equally gifted robot, who sets out into the world for the first time with some unexpected and mind-blowing consequences.

Of course there will be dancing and singing, but there’s also some pretty outrageous CG effects. There’s this crazy Cobra robot thing, a giant Indiana Jones death ball of machine guns, and at one point, Rajni wipes out about 30 machines guns and fires them all simultaneously. The dude even has Voltron tigers for pets! I think you can deduce that I’ll be waiting in line for this one.

The film opens today in India but its worldwide release will be on October 1st in select theaters.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”422″][/youtube]

You can't tell me that ain't James Brown

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