Fallout: New Vegas Developer Diary

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Hello fellow Wastelanders, this is Three Dog! Okay, yeah, I’m not Three Dog. Anyway, Obsidian, the team working on Fallout: New Vegas, has a new developer diary explaining how the energy weapons and regular weapons differ. There’s also behind-the-scenes looks at them creating music. The video isn’t too long, but it’s worth a look anyway.

I’m not sure how I’ll ultimately feel about this game, but they do seem to be putting a considerable amount of time into the depth of the world through the music, and veteran voice actors doing over 65,000 lines of dialogue. They’ve confirmed that Wayne Newton, Mathew Perry (yes, from Friends), Ron Perlman, Danny Trejo (Machete, Desperado), Felicia Day (Buffy), and many others will support the game with their acting chops. A list of some of the actors appearing in the game can be found here, and Obsidian has said that they are keeping some of the actors a secret. Will you be heading back to the Wasteland this November 16th?
Here’s the developer diary:

Here’s the trailer they had for E3 2010, in case you missed it:

Trailers courtesy of Gametrailers.com

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