No Avengers for Nathan Fillion

It seemed like someone was missing from the party at this year’s Comic-Con. There had long been rumors that Nathan Fillion would join the cast of The Avengers as the pint-size hero Ant Man, but when the cast of The Avengers took to the stage, Nathan was nowhere to be found. There was even an entire Ant Man movie in the works and the film was set to be directed by Scott Pilgrim and Hott Fuzz director Edgar Wright. During a recent interview with Collider the actor cites scheduling conflicts as a result of his withdraw from the mega superhero movie.

“The fact is that I’m on ‘Castle’ right now, and that’s 10 months out of the year. So, unless they’re filming for two months, on my months off, there’s just no possible way it could logistically be done.”

Even though his prior commitment will keep him out of the biggest superhero movie of all time, the actor would still love to work with Joss Whedon again. The two had worked together previously on the short lived Sci-Fi series Firefly and the musical web-series Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog.

Source: Collider

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