The University of Calgary Plans to Open a Video Game Libary

Along with legalized marijuana and free health care, this is just another reason to move to Canada. The University of Calgary plans to open a Video Game Library for quote, “academic research.”

“The Interactive Digital Media Collection will help students learn in a whole new way, the university believes.

The University of Calgary is installing six PC stations through which to play games on newer consoles such as the PlayStation 3. The collection will also boast half a wall of retro games reaching back to the ’80s, many of which were all the rage before many U of C students were even born.”

Sound pretty awesome if you are a gamer and attended the university. So far the Video Game Library has received mixed opinions from students. Personally, I’ve always found it very relaxing during finals week to play a couple of rounds of Mike Tyson’s PUNCH-OUT.

“It’s another distraction. I come to the library because it’s a place where I don’t have Nintendo or PlayStation or anything like that. It’s a place I come to work.”

There’s always somebody that has to ruin it for everyone. The Library is scheduled to open to the public March of 2011 but as long as there are people like student ‘killjoy” other there, we may never see the library come to fruition.

Source: Geekologie. The Gazette

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