Watch Out iPad, Acer and Dell are Coming After You

Acer will be releasing three PC tablet with 5- to 10-inch panels in the first quarter of 2011. It will feature Android 3.0. The 5-inch tablet will be targeted to consumers and will allow them to use it as a smartphone and PC tablet.

Dell has released Streak last month and on Tuesday has announced software integration for the healthcare software. With this, doctors can access medical records and patient information conveniently under their fingertips.

The Streak is a 5-inch touchscreen tablet that uses the Google Android OS and can also be used as a smartphone. It costs as of now $549.99 and $299.99 if you get the two-year contract with AT&T.

Dell is aiming for the healthcare market and has spent around $3.9 billion on to buy Perot Systems, a technology services provider. Perot Systems serves most of the hospitals and hospitals in the US and has a good following of healthcare customers.

“When we designed the device we thought about what a clinician might like, it’s perfect size to fit into a lab coat, and allows you to be able to communicate anywhere,” said Jamie Coffin, vice president of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences.

It seems that Apple is always the innovator. The iPod and iPhone came out with a lot of copycats that soon followed. Now this is the case with the tablet technology. Oh I wish I was Steve Jobs right now.

Source: Reuter, DigiTimes

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