SAW Director Teams up with PARANOMAL ACTIVITY Producers for Insidious

The original director and creator of SAW, James Wan, has teamed up with the producers behind last summer’s horror blockbuster PARANORMAL ACTIVITY for his new film Insidious. Insidious follows a family that has recently been through a tragic event, their youngest son has fallen into an unexplained coma and the family is being terrorized by demonic spirits. So it’s kind of like Poltergeists minus Craig T. Nelson from COACH.

The films stars Night Owl(Patrick Wilson) and 28 Weeks Later hottie Rose Byrne. The movie was just released at the Toronto International Film Festival and is already receiving critical acclaim, unfortunately no theater released date has been set yet.

Here is the first clip from Insidious:

Did you see it? Here it is again enlarged and cleaned up:

You still can’t really see much, so lets brighten it up a bit:

There we go!

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