Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye Ditches Purple Spandex & Romances Black Widow

MTV conducted an interview with Jeremy Renner during a junket for his latest movie, The Town. The highlights of the interview were what will Hawkeye be wearing and if he will be romancing Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

Here’s his take on Hawkeye’s outfit.

“I think it’s going to be a little more reality-based,” said Renner. “You can kind of tell with Scarlett [Johansson]’s character [in ‘Iron Man 2’], it’s going to be more of a uniform . . . and not a big purple, comics sort of thing.”

Looks like the purple spandex is getting axed. We’re probably going to see a uniform that’s more aligned with how Black Widow’s outfit look (and a gazillion other comic-to-movie adaptations like X-Men). So how many superheroes in movies like to dress up in black leather?

And here’s his take on Hawkeye and Black Widow

“We will [have a relationship], I think, in this one as well,” said Renner. “We’re kind of a team, and what that relationship is, is still to be discovered.”

Jeremy you lucky son of a bitch. Actors always have it easy.

Source: MTV
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