Xbox Live 12 Months $29.99 & Halo: Reach Avatar Helmet

For those of you out of the loop, as of November 2010, Microsoft will be raising the price of its Xbox Live service by 10 dollars to make it $59.99 a year. This really sucks if all you do on Xbox Live is play mulitplayer; then gaming online really doesn’t justify it and has many fans crying foul.

With the release of Halo: Reach, Microsoft has announced a special offer of $29.99. In this package, you get one year of Xbox Live service and a special Halo: Reach helmet to place on your Avatar, which isn’t even available for purchase.

It begs to wonder why they would drop $20 and include an avatar item over keeping the service at $49.99. It is a good deal though, since you get $20 off the current service and $30 off the new price in November.

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