Resident Evil: Degeneration Sequel Announced

While Milla Jovovich starred in the live-action Resident Evil films, of which fans may or may not like, Sony and Capcom have teamed up to make a new CG movie. It follows Leon Kennedy (Paul Mercier) and Claire Redfield (Alyson Court) after the events of Resident Evil 4, but before Resident Evil 5. The movie gave fans what they wanted from a Resident Evil movie; characters you know and love and tons of zombie characters from the video game.

Even though Resident Evil: Afterlife was #1 at the box office, fans really wanted to see their favorite characters from the game like Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine act like their counterpart in the video games. Now they will have a chance, as the sequel to Degeneration, being titled Resident Evil: Damnation, is announced for a late 2010 release. It’s more than likely going to setup Resident Evil 6, so I can’t wait.

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