Nintendo 3DS To Be Available on November 11th?

Is Nintendo’s 3DS, the 3D portable system without the need for 3D glasses, coming out in time for the holiday season on November 11, 2010 in Japan? We’re not sure, but it seems like the answer could lie in Nocchisan’s tweets.

He/she apparently works for as a video game accessory designer, and has mentioned that the accessories will be available on November 11th, along with the 3DS system. So why isn’t it confirmed? Well for one thing, Nintendo said they will have an official announcement on September 29th. The other? Nocchisan’s Twitter account is now gone and the Japanese translation is very dodgy, coming from Engadget.

But by looking at the tweet, it says that he has 11 products that he designed for the 3DS, and that the products will available on November 20. Once we find out the actual date for the 3DS, the burning question is, “how much is it going to cost?”

Source: Nocchisan’s Twitter via Engadget

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