New Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots: The Ul’dah City State

Check out these 28 new screenshots showcasing the city-state of Ul’dah for Final Fantasy XIV.

From the outside, Ul’dah is surrounded by the desert wastelands. The walls can be seen from miles away and its huge walls are made to protect the citizens from the elements and from evil-doers.

On the inside, Ul’dah is the place where the people of Eorzea go to hang out and relax. It’s a nice place to go on vacation for travelers where they can gamble and fight. Now that’s what I call relaxing. Ul’dah is pretty wealthy with minerals spanning all over. Let’s not forget about their clothcrafting market, since it’s the place to be for those fashionable folk.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on September 22 for the PC Collector’s Edition and on September 30 for the standard edition.

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