It’s that time again. Milla Jovovich is back and she brought some of her friends to play. Resident Evil: AfterLife 3D is the unsaid final installment to the franchise movie career. The fourth in the installment in a dilapidating scenario, both in the films plots and in the films franchise. One thing may have stood out in this film being that it was done in 3D; nice little touch. If 3D was not enough, those of you who are avid gamers of the Resident Evil franchise, can also look forward to seeing some of the classic mutated zombies so distinctly found in the game throughout the years.

It is a hard task to extend a game into a movie in any genre. To do it twice is awesome, three times, and a fourth? Amazing! Even though the feat of giving the audience something new, something old, and something zombie may sound simple, it really isn’t. In a game the audience turns into an active player in the role to control and be in the plot. In a movie, the audience is a movie goer expecting new ideas, effects, and some kind of extension to the plot. Resident Evil falls into that special niche, zombie action packed game to movie adventure, which through a movie audience it’s hard to adapt and enjoy particularly with limited expansions on plot. But as an avid gamer to the franchise this is somewhat expected and hopefully will ripple through the Rotten Tomatoes vines and send some good grace reviews.

The movie brings back most of what we know from previous films. Umbrella Cooperation, Alice, Claire (from R.E: Extinction), and a few sole survivors to mingle with all add into the mix. The plot consists of removing Umbrella from the face of the earth, surviving, and finding a safe haven. Basic stuff with a couple of twists throughout which you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

The 3D was outstanding. I’d have to say it was the crispest, cleanest, and most advanced 3D I have seen since Avitar. To add such in depth and visual stunning attributes to a zombie film like this really drives the heart pumping. The special affects were top notch and realistic in a Resident Evil post apocalyptic world. The problem with the special affects and my number one qualm about the movie was that I’ve seen it all before! Slow motion bullets, almost telepathic bullet dodging, and jumping out of a window shooting upwards while in slow motion…Ring a bell?? Matrix?! I can relate to a franchise limited to a game then adapting it on to the big screen, but at least be a little more creative! With one hour and thirty minutes of pure zombie action, I can’t really complain too much because I’m a little biased. Plus this 4th installment was better thought out than the second, Resident Evil: Extinction, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Aside from R.E:Apocalypse being just slightly under the bar, this film goes a little more in depth of what Umbrella Corporation would be doing in the aftermath of everything instead of pumping out more zombies, and mutated monsters like in previous films.

So go to the theater, buy your tickets, put on your 3D glasses, and enjoy the ride!

Grade: B

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