Duelist Revolution Overview

This new booster set contains a lot more than meets the eyes. This set features a brand new Archetype named “Scrap.” Also, this set introduces further support for archetypes like watt, Naturia, Fabled, and surprisingly Amazoness, who have not been supported for about half a decade, and also a few scrap cards from archetypes like Flamvell and Genex. Furthermore, this set introduces new fusion monsters, where their fusion material consists of at lease one synchro monster of a specific type, and last but not lease, this set included a lot of new Beast monsters that were shown in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s anime series in Japan just a few months ago.


Cards of this Archetype revolves around destroying cards that the player controls to activate effects of the card that will either chain to the destruction or activates in the graveyard once it has been destroyed. Most of the effects of the monsters involves either recycling the monsters in the graveyard back to the hand, or  special summoning of the monsters back onto the field for possible high level tuning or even Tribute Summon if the deck is build for it.


This set contains two of the best Naturia monsters in the Archetype. The first one is Naturia Pineapple. Naturia Pineapple is basically a two star Treeborn Frog that also has the effect of making all face up monsters the player controls as a plant type, which can be easily combo’d with cards like Tytannial, Princess of Camellias, who requires plant type monsters to activate their effect. The best thing about Naturia Pineapple is that not only will it work in a Naturia deck and a common plant deck, it will also work in the upcoming beast deck which allows the player to just stick in a Tytannial, Princess of Camellias to confuse the opponent. The second card is the Naturia Bamboo Shoot. This card, when successfully Tribute Summoned by using a Naturia monster, will stop opponents from activating spell and trap cards for as long as it is on the field. This card can easily combo with Naturia Pineapple since it comes back every turn for as long as the owner does not have spell card or trap card on the field. At 2000/2000, this card is hard to get rid of without the aid of spell or trap cards.


Although only having one card being included, this is still one of the best cards in this set. Fabled Raven is one of the best tuner monsters currently available. Fabled Rave alone is not very powerful or useful for that matter, but its ability to throw away any amount of cards from the hand to modify its own level by the number of cards discarded, while gaining 400 attack points per discarded card, shows great potential when included in either an Infernity deck or a Dark World deck. In an Infernity deck, Raven is all that is required to do a lot of damage. It helps the player to quickly discard the entire hand so the Infernity monsters can start activating their effects. With the Dark World Archetype, however, requires a little more. I have personally seen a really well build Fabled World deck (Fabled + Dark World) that consists of most Dark World cards, and the 3 Fabled cards currently available, Fabled Raved, Fabled Lurrie, and Fabled Grimro.


In all honesty, there isn’t much to say about this Archetype. The only reason it is even worth mentioning is the fact that when this Archetype was last supported, it was about five years ago in the Magician’s Force boosters. The only good card in the current booster from this archetype is the Amazoness Trainee card. This card sends the monster it destroys back to the bottom of the deck, and then gains 200 attack points for each monster it destroyed. The fact that a lot of cards these days rely on being sent to the graveyard to have its effect activated, cards like Sangan for example, Amazoness Trainee’s will stop them cold in their track, and give the opponent a little less option in what they can do to face off against this monster.

This set also included the brand new synchro fusion monsters. These type of monsters is an interesting concept, but the monsters we have available right now are not something that everyone would want. Most of the time, because they are fusion monsters, it becomes a burden to try to use it in highly competitive play.

The one other great thing in this set is the fact that it began to introduce the new set of Beast monsters that will dominate most of the packs in the upcoming boosters. Nothing jumps out too much right now, but in the upcoming StarStrike Blast Beast type monsters will get a serious power upgrade, not to mention it warms up the players to the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 5 game, where the starting deck is a Beast deck.

There are a couple of other cards that are worth an honorable mention like Stygian Street Patrol. This card can help Infernity decks with swarming since it can special summon Infernity Archefiend and trigger it’s effect upon special summons. The other card that is also extremely useful is Effect Veiler. This will probably be the card that changes all meta-game in the next few formats. Having effects similar to D.D. Crow, effect Veiler discards itself into the graveyard and negates any monster it targets on the field until the end phase. This card will probably be the go to card for all side deck selection.

All in all this was not a bad booster set to have. The future of competitive play relies on how many people actually own a couple of key cards from this set. The true potential of this booster set will be revealed  when the tournaments start and when people are using these cards to its fullest possible potential.

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