Ridley Scott Creating Alien Prequel(s)! Plural?!! We Don’t Care, WELCOME BACK!

The man who brought us the first and original, Alien, is now back in the directors seat bringing back the story; prequel(s).  In this day and age where sequels, prequels, and so forth are being franchised, lucratively destroyed, and swept under the rug, it feels so good to have the original creator of such an epic film back at the helm.

Ridley Scott has mentioned that he is surprised that after all these years nobody has taken the franchise to an earlier date. Maybe no one had the balls to do so or lacked the creative mind of Sir Ridley Scott. Not only did he say that but he also tagged James Cameron as “setting the bar” in something he wanted to surpass.  (OH, OH, OHHH YAAAAAA) Referencing recent Avitar success or the sequel to Alien, Aliens?? What really matters is creating not 1 but 2 prequel films to give us the truth behind the marine, the genetically or godly Alien, and how it all came to be one big freaky family. Only that is known of the project and that a lot of underwater research has been done.

We here are waiting very, very impatiently for more news! Till then, enjoy these pictures.

Source: Empire

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