Origin’s Big O PC Will Give You the “Big O” Many Times Over

Miami-based Origin PC, has just introduced their newest behemoth called Big O. To say the least, this computer makes Alienware and Predator PC’s look like a netbook in comparison. At first glance, the Big O doesn’t have the cool flip up front that the Predator has or the sleek look of an Alienware. In all honesty, it’s a double wide, big, bulky mass and very reminiscent of old PC towers, with the exception of the peg legs on the bottom. It doesn’t “seem” hi-tech or new age at all. Then again, looks aren’t everything.

Under the hood though, lies a beast waiting to be unleashed. The starter configuration alone comes with an Intel i7 930 Quad core processor overclocked to 4.0GHz, an Asus Rampage III Extreme chipset, Dual SLI NVIDIA GTX 480 graphic processors, 6GBs of Corsair Dominator RAM, a Silverstone 1500watt strider power supply and a Creative Fatal1ty sound card. Oh, and did I mention that everything is liquid cooled?

Now if that doesn’t tickle your fancy enough or if you feel that wasn’t enough power to fuel your ego, there is an “elite” version that will tantalize your taste buds. This version includes dual Intel Xeon X5680 six core processors overclocked to a whopping 4.3GHz, EVGA SR2 chipset, four SLI EVGA GTX 480 graphic processors, a ridiculous 12GBs of Corsair GT RAM, massive dual 1 Kilowatt Enermax power supply and a Creative Fatal1ty sound card with onboard 8 channel high definition audio. And just like before, everything is liquid cooled.

Even though the basic hardware differentiates the two versions fairly well, there are a lot of features that are standard through both. Each comes with two 50GB SSD primary storage, 2TB of secondary storage, 12x Pioneer Blu-ray burner, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, a Roswell media-card reader and a built-in 5 port network switch. Both also come with integrated Gigabit Ethernet, but in the “elite” version, it’s dual. Windows 7 is also included, with Windows Premium Edition on the standard version and Windows Ultimate Edition on the “elite” version.

With all that hardware, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This rig can’t possibly get any better.” Well I’ve got news for you, it can! If you were to look down towards the bottom right of the case, you will see a small logo that reads “Xbox 360.” Yes, there is a liquid cooled Xbox 360 slim hidden away, which can even be run in a separate window on your desktop. Origin states that they can put a Playstation 3 instead if you request it. There is no word yet on if there’s room to fit both systems into the beast.

The only thing that remains is price. The standard version sells for a cool $7,699 while the “elite” version sells for a jaw-dropping $17,000. Obviously Origin has gone through great lengths to bring consumers an awesome system. The price is a bit steep as it rivals that of a mid-sized sedan, but what you end up getting is a Scion xB on the outside with a Ferrari on the inside. Let’s just hope it can at least run Crysis 2 on medium settings.

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