LET ME IN, Let Me In! Or I’ll Suck and I’ll Suck, Till All Your Blood’s Gone!

Our boy Matt Reeves is at it again. The Director of many Felicity episodes (WIN!) and Cloverfield (WIN?) is taking his sweet-hearted gusto along with that monstrous gloom in a whole new direction. Let Me In is the story of a boy neighbor who takes interest in the girl next door who recently moved in. Everything may seem Kosher at first, but as the days go and the night settles, things truly are not what they seem. Our favorite little Kick Ass star, Chloe Mortez, plays Abby – the not so seemingly little girl who just happens to have a thirst for blood! Kodi Smit-McPhee plays Owen, the unsuspecting boy neighbor who thought he was just getting his puberty on with a little peek here and there, is actually in for the ride of his life! Kodi Smit-McPhee also played the boy in The Road.

Check out these two film posters and the exclusive clip and trailer bellow!

Click image for Hi-Res eyeballing pleasure.

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