BEHOLD! First Look at Captain America

Looks like you had one too many burgers over the Labor Day Weekend there Cap. New photos have at last surfaced featuring first look at Captain America.  This is just one of the suits that will appear in the film. Sadly this is a photo of a stunt double and not of the dreamy Chris Evans. The crew were recently shooting a chase scene in London, where these photos were taken.

The scene features a lot of O.G. cars from the 1040’s. In the scene, there are a couple of baddies on Cap’s tail on some pretty suped-up bikes.  Any fan of the comic book series will be able to spot the H.Y.D.R.A symbol branded on the enemy’s bikes, the symbol for the Red Skull. Pretty cool stuff, I hope we get so see more in the upcoming months.

Source: Daily Mail

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