New PS3 Update Includes Flash Player 9

It’s that time again. The PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.42 is here. With it are some cool features that will make gaming a little easier.

Adobe Flash Player 9

One of the coolest features is the support for Adobe Flash Player 9 for the internet browser. With it, you can play flash games, view flash intros, and get the whole experience of every website out there.

XMB™ Access In-game

It’s still limited, but now you can view messages from your friends while you’re playing your current game.

Trophies for Champions

Your profile page will have details of your trophies. Now you can show off to your friends how hardcore you are, or how much time you wasted over the weekend with this new addition.

Stalking Your Friends

Now you can stalk your friends and find out when they last logged in. Using charts, you can see the pattern of your friends login and logout times. Next time you won’t have to wonder when your friends going to be on by staying up all day and night.

Improved Video Controls

Searching through different sections of a video or movie is now more convenient by using Scene Search. You can also set it up to watch one video after another to keep yourself or your guest entertained.

XMB Internet Search

Now you can search the internet straight from your XMB screen. Simple and fast!

Now please hurry with the Netflix update so that I don’t have to put in a disc every time I want to watch a movie or show.

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