Get T-Shirts and Play inFAMOUS 2…if You’re at PAX 2010

Hopefully some of you will be able to attend PAX 2010 in Seattle this weekend, because of you check out Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS 2 at booth #122. The booth is going to have 7 kiosks for the inFAMOUS 2 demo. New features in the demo includes a new weapon called the Amp and a new power called Ionic Vortex. Players will also get limited t-shirts, while supplies last.

There will also be a special demonstration from the inFAMOUS2 team in the Pegasus Theater at the Seattle Sheraton called “Creating Super Powers”. It starts from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, with demonstrations about the new gameplay with cool new features like Kinetic Pulse, and a new enemy, the Ravager.

By the way, judging from the images, it looks like Mr. Cole is looking tougher and manlier than before. I’m so confused right now. Never have I seen such an indecisive group of developers on the look of the character, after trailers have already been premiered. Looks like somebody’s having an identity crisis over at Sucker Punch.

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