Great Scott Marty, It’s a Back to the Future Game

“Hello, McFly!?” Telltale games is gearing up to release a series of games based on the 3 Back to the Future movies. The game will be split into 5 separate “episodes.” The likenesses of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will be used to represent their roles as Marty McFly and Doc Brown. What’s also a nice added touch is that Christopher Lloyd will be voicing his own character.

Hopefully this game will be good as Steven Spielberg is listed as a producer for the title. Bob Gale, the original screenwriter for all 3 films, will also be lending his talents on writing the plot for all 5 episodes. There is no word as of yet on what the storylines would contain, but we do know that the DeLorean makes an appearance as well as many characters from the 3 films. The first episode is set to release in November, but it is unknown for which platforms.

Check out some more info here.

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