Bond, James Bond in 007: Blood Stone

Activision and Bizarre Creations have just released a slew of new screenshots as well as a new trailer from the upcoming title James Bond 007: Blood Stone. You must be thinking, “Bizarre Creations? Why does that name sound so familiar?” Well thats because they are the same studio that brought us all of the Project Gotham titles, Blur and Geometry Wars.

In Blood Stone, players will take on the role of James Bond, who is voiced by Daniel Craig. As Bond, you team up with rich socialite, Nicole Hunter, voiced by Joss Stone, to find a missing researcher. In normal Bond fashion, your search will take you across the globe including locations like Monaco, Athens and Istanbul.

The trailer alone definitely immerses you into feeling like you’re in your own Bond movie. Check it out for yourself, as well as some screenshots. The game is set to release during the holiday season later this year on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo DS.

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