The Power of Morphicon: Smoking Out with Jason David Frank

Sometimes big conventions like Comic-Con lose a lot of the personal touch due to the massive hordes of people that over crowd the convention, leaving many feeling like herded cattle than fans that came to appreciate their favorite heroes with fellow con goers. This last weekend the Nerd Reactor crew attended Power Morphicon, the official Power Rangers convention. The convention is only in its second year running and already it has gain a good sizable following. Many fans have flown in from all over to catch a glimpse of their favorite Rangers and reminisce in the nostalgia from their childhood. 

One of the first things I noticed when I got there was the atmosphere. Everyone seemed generally happy to be there including the stars. Jason David Frank, who once played Tommy the Green Ranger, is now an MMA fighter. He is currently undefeated. When we arrived, there was a huge line waiting for him. We walked over to his table to ask the people there if we could possibly do an interview with him. They told us that today would not be a good day because JDF was fully intended on signing something for everyone that came out to see him. Jason David Frank seemed genuinely appreciative of his fans.

One of our friends happened to run into him outside the convention, and he was dressed as the Green Ranger and only stepped out to have a cigarette. He saw Jason heading towards the convention center and decided not to bother him. All of a sudden he turned around and Jason was standing right next to him asking if he can have a cigarette. After he handed him one, Jason then asked him if he could take a picture with him, which our buddy gladly complied.

Disclaimer: Jason David Frank doesn’t really smoke.

It was nice to see that even though some of the stars had moved on to better things, they still respected the dedication of their fans. They never hesitated at a fans request to throw up their hands and shout, “It’s Morphin Time!”

Power Morphicon may not be a big convention, but it definitely has heart, and that is largely due to the fans and stars behind it. I greatly anticipate next year’s convention and hope to see you all there. In the meantime, check out the rest of our gallery.

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