New Bangai-O Sequel Is an Xbox Live Exclusive

The game is called Bangai-O HD Missile Fury and is a multi-directional shmup (you can shoot in 8 directions). Take a gander at the pictures below; there’s definitely a lot of missile fury going on, so the game is appropriately titled.

Bangai-O made its debut on the Dreamcast and has been a cult hit ever since. You pilot a robot that’s capable of destroying everything in its path. The game has a bit of dark humor as there are plenty of cries from your foes and innocent civilians as your barrage of missiles inevitably hits its intentional and unintentional targets. After things get destroyed, pieces of fruit are left behind that you can collect for points, or you can avoid the fruit, make their deaths in vain, and increase the dark humor of the game.  Things get destroyed and then fruit is left behind? Yes, this is definitely a Japanese game.

Bangai-O HD Missile Fury will come with a level editor, 100 pre-made levels, and will be available this November for 800 Microsoft Points.

Your robot may be giant, but it’s dwarfed by all of the chaotic action

See, the name does fit

Here is a video of the Dreamcast version as I’m sure anyone who hasn’t seen the game in motion is totally confused:


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