Does the New Xbox 360 Controller Cater to Fighting Fans?

Here comes the new silver matted Xbox 360 controller complete with transforming D-pad. Oh yeah, at first note, it sounds cool. A new d-pad implemented to make fighting games easier for the Xbox 360. With a twist, you can transform the D-pad to have it be shaped like a disc, or only have the plus sign raised. Not sure if having it lowered will help for fighting games, since the actual D-pad looks like it’s still far from the digital inputs, and fighting games need the buttons to be close to the input for button mashing efficiency. Oh look at it transform!

Other than having a transforming d-pad and a stylish silver matted look, it’s going to have concave thumb sticks and different gray-shaded face buttons. Isn’t the previous thumb stick design concave also?

The new Xbox 360 controller will be out November 9, 2010 for a nice price of $64.99. Hey, at least the Xbox Live service will be cheaper. And it will only be available with the Play and Charger Kit.

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