There Will Be No Mission: Impossible 4

Oh there will be a movie starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible, but it will not be titled “Mission: Impossible”. Paramount Pictures announced that the next film will in fact be a reboot, sort of. Tom Cruise will play a supporting role as a mentor to the recently added Jeremy Renner. Paramount plans for the new film to be a beginning of a brand new franchise where Tom will pass the torch to Jeremy. Recently Incredibles and Ratatouille director, Brad Bird, has been attachedĀ  to direct. Originally, many thought JJ Abrams would helm the project but with Star Trek 2, Super 8, Cloverfield 2, new TV series Undercover, and 7 Minutes in Heaven, it’s hard to see where he would have the time to.

Simon Pegg and Vin Rhames have all been confirmed to return as well as Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Deadline reports that actresses Paula Patton, Lauren German, and Kristin Kreuk, are all currently screen testing for a role in the upcoming “Not MI 4” movie. As we learn more, we’ll keep you posted.

“Not Mission: Impossible 4” is scheduled to be released December 16, 2011

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