Playboy Welcomes You to Poisonville

Playboy has joined forces with Bigpoint to bring you a new MMO action game called Poisonville.  Continuing Bigpoint’s tradition, the game will be free-to-play and run in browser.  In the game, players must complete missions for respect and help battle against corruption. During missions, players will experience many “close encounters” with women who appear as if they belong in Playboy itself.

The game is currently in its beta testing stages. Poisonville seems like another Saints Row/GTA/APB clone and it will be interesting to see what it has to offer that would give a different experience compared to similar titles. With the game’s release at the end of the year, Playboy will also announce their new gaming label. It was only a matter of time before Playboy decided to dip their hands into the gaming world’s honey pot.

Here is an official description of the game:

Poisonville is an action-oriented, Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that puts gamers into a fictional U.S. city where crime and corruption rule the streets. Players must complete a series of missions in order to counteract corruption, regain respect, and rebuild their reputations. Throughout the game, players will encounter beautiful, Playboy-caliber women. In full-3D, players can drive a variety of vehicles, engage in player vs. player combat, and compete in ongoing competitions designed to stimulate gang warfare – all through a standard web browser.

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