Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review

WHAT IS UP GUYS! Ra1N aka Ninja Assassin here for a quick review for the recently released Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days PC edition. Well first off my hat goes off to you if you enjoyed the really quick story line of about 3-4 hours worth of single player game play. What I mean about that is I finished this game in roughly 4 hours and thought my Kane & Lynch crashed on me. Very disappointing, although I was very open minded about the Co-op mod but in all actuality you would be better off just watching the Twilight Series with one of your “dude friend” and holding hands together while watching it. Better yet, if Fry’s accepted opened PC game returns, I wouldn’t have any complaints, but unfortunately, Bill Gates would probably have all PC gamers killed.

Check out the promo video released on YouTube and all the great comments left from other follow PC gamers.


On the flip side, if I got the 4 hours back from playing this game, I probably would have gotten my WoW characters some more epic gear, but more details on that later…

*Smoke Bomb*


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