Judge Minty: A Judge Dredd Fan Film

“I AM THE LAW!” That line still echoes through our heads when we think of Judge Dredd. For anyone that has seen the movie, we also know that there were more Judges, with Dredd being the cream of the crop.  A lot of people also don’t realize and know that Judge Dredd was a comic book series that was originally created back in 1977. Currently, there is a fan film in production that follows Judge Minty, a different Judge in the Judge Dredd universe. With recent news of Karl Urban playing the new Judge Dredd in the film reboot, there is sure to be some buzz when the fan film is completed.

Here is an official description from the site:

The film will be based on Judge Minty, a character created by John Wagner and Mick McMahon. An aging Judge who is forced to ‘retire’ from the streets, mainly it seems because he has become too compassionate. He chooses to take ‘The Long Walk’ into the Cursed Earth, there “to take law to the lawless”. The film will be based around his first experiences in the radioactive wastes.


Just the teaser alone looks great. The costumes and props are spot on as well.

Check out the official Judge Minty site.

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