And the Emmy Goes to the Nerd

Last night Sheldon Cooper, of The Big Bang Theory, won Outstanding Lead Actor In a Comedy Series.  Actor Jim Parsons (Sheldon) beat out comedy veterans like Larry David, Matthew Morrison, Tony Shalhoub, Steve Carell, and Alec Baldwin. I admit not being a big fan of the show because it portrays a lot of old stereotypes, but it was definitely a big win for nerd culture on the most prestigious television award show. Unfortunately, a lot of the shows I was rooting for were sadly shunned this year.

Glee won only 2 out of the 19 it was nominated for. Big congrats to Jane Lynch and Neil Patrick Harris. Both LOST and TRUE BLOOD went home empty handed. Dexter was able to grab 2 for Best Directing In a Drama Series and Best Guest Actor In a Drama Series (John Lithgow.) Overall the show was pretty entertaining to watch. I could tell that Jimmy Fallon had a lot of say in the production value of the show. The graphics they used when actors come out were almost comic book and movie poster like.  I loved the commentator making snarky remarks at the presenter and winners.

It was one of the more enjoyable Emmys I’ve seen in a while and I hope that Jimmy Fallon will host next year.

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