Sony Wants You to See Spider-Man in 3D without Glasses and at Home

Sony is hard at work creating 3D TVs that don’t require glasses, but don’t throw away the regular 3D TV you bought just yet. Sony Senior Vice President Yoshihisa Ishida assures that it will be quite sometime before the technology is perfected.  Sony and Panasonic already have glasses-free 3D displays that require you to stand in a specific spot, but the quality doesn’t compare to the 3D TVs with glasses.

Sony said it plans to start selling 3D movies in Japan in the next 2 months. They are also planning home 3-D theater releases like the new Spider-Man movie. Last May, the FCC ruled that it would allow the movie studios to distribute new releases directly via On-Demand Cable or Satellite simultaneously with theater releases. At this years Comic-Con, Tron: Legacy creators also hinted at the possibility of a 3D home release. Already movies like MONSTERS are taking the On-Demand route, because of the films low budget there are limited theaters the film will be available to be seen at.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this whole On-Demand release thing.  Sure we’ve all had our horrible theater experiences but sometimes it’s nice to watch a movie with a full house and experience the movie together.

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