Kotobukiya’s Phoenix Bishoujo Statue Review: Marvel’s Girl Turning Japanese

Marvel and Kotobukiya have teamed up before to give us bishoujo statues of Black Widow, Rogue, Psylocke, and Scarlet Witch. Now they have just released their Phoenix statue that comes in either regular Phoenix or Dark Phoenix version. Bishoujo is Japanese for “beautiful young girl”, and thanks to artist Yamashita Shunya, we get to see a cool and sexy Japanese take on the Marvel characters. Phoenix cost about around $50-$60 or even more, depending on the vendor.

As a statue, it’s already a given that articulation is out of the question, so the only thing to focus on is the design and craftsmanship. The way Phoenix looks is already sexy with an action pose. It’s as if she’s hovering, showing off her powers as the Phoenix, with her hair going all over the place like fire. She stretches both her arms above her head, with her right knee bent, showing off her curves really well.

The paint job for these statues are really well done. Her eyes are really detailed, as you can see white reflections, the black of her pupil, and the green of her iris. The only thing I don’t like is how her eyebrows look like Vulcan eyebrows, but that’s part of the design. The paint on her hair has a gradual transition from dark to light red, creating a flame-like effect. The colors green and yellow of her outfit compliments each other well. The green has been added with shades of black to show off her toned body.

She stands around 8 inches from the bottom of the fiery base to the tip of her fingers.

This is really a sexy figure of the red-head X-Woman. If you’re a fan of bishoujo or X-Men, this is sure to make you a happy collector.

Grade: A

You can get them at Kotobukiya’s site, eBay, Urban Collector and more.

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