The Original King of the Iron Fist: Marvel’s Superhero Gets Deal

Iron Fist is one of Marvel’s 2nd tier superheroes that hasn’t received the movie treatment yet. He’s on the same league with heroes like Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and Ghost Rider. Deadline has revealed that Marvel has struck a deal with screenwriter Rich Wilkes, the man behind xXx with Vin Diesel, to draft the Iron Fist movie. Disney will be distributing the movie, along with Dr. Strange, another Marvel super hero.

Out of all the super heroes that have gained their powers through external means, Iron First would have to be one of the few to actually deserve his powers. Fantastic Four got their powers from accidental cosmic rays. The Hulk got his powers from accidental radiation. Spider-Man got his powers from a spider bite. Iron Fist actually earned his powers by defeating a dragon and touching its heart to gain the Iron Fist power. Now that’s badass.

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