Pirates are Attacking the Wii Again, But This Time it’s Good Piracy

Sid Meier’s Pirates was a game I finally got on PC years after it was released. It was still great then, and I’m sure it will create an addiction whenever Wii owners decide to pick up the port when it comes out this October 5th.

Dance your best, or face the wrath of the hand

The main quest is to defeat Marquis de la Montalban, who has captured your family for not paying off their debts. The game is made up of mostly a bunch of mini-games that are held together by a lot of exploration via sailing. In the original game you fight in naval battles, do some swash bucklin’, dance with mostly pretty ladies (I believe there are a few not-so-great looking ones), and search for treasure via topographical clues. The game is addictive because you are constantly presented with different mini-game challenges.  Attempting to maim ships to steal and call your own has its own addictive qualities; especially when you’re navigating your small ship to victory against much larger ships with a dozen more cannons; the hope for victory is small, but there’s quite a payoff if you do win.

The controls for fighting aren’t complex, but it’s fun anyway.  “Chop”, “thrust”, “stab”, “jump”, “parry”, “duck”, and “taunt” are your options here.

The mini-games get more challenging as you go on, but they did wear a tad thin near the end of the game. Despite that though, the game was great, and I enjoyed all 17 hours that I spent with it. The Wii version will add lock-picking and bombardment mini-games. Hopefully the Wii version will turn out to be as good, or better, than the original PC version.

ARRRrr a nice day for ship-stealin’

Sword-fighting picture courtesy of Gamespot.com

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